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How This ONE Morning Habit Changed The Way I Do Motherhood

How we start our mornings sets the tone for the entire day. The first thing we set our eyes on, the first words we speak, our first thoughts and how we handle those… it matters.

Now I’m not saying that it controls situations that are out of our control, but it does affect how we react to those situations. I firmly believe this.

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love.” Psalm 143:8

It’s easier to respond to the things that should aggravate and frustrate us throughout the day when we’ve renewed our mind in the morning and allowed His love to refresh us. When we set our eyes on the things of eternity before anything else, a mishap here and there in the temporal seems really silly. When we allow Him to remind us of who we are, it’s easier to dust off the lies that the enemy throws our way.

After many ups and downs of fighting to keep my morning routine consistent (another post on that later), I’ve come to find one thing.

It doesn’t matter if I didn’t wake up at the exact time I wanted to, because my daughter decided to breastfeed a little longer. It doesn’t matter if not everything went according to plan, because a relative stopped by unexpectedly. All that matters is that the first thing I set out to do when I wake up, is have my devotional time with the Lord.

That’s it.

Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce; then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine.” Proverbs 3:9-10

There’s something about giving the Lord our firstfruits. I know this to be true with our finances, God has always blessed us when we honor Him with our money first, but I learned that this also applies to my time and energy. When I give Him the firstfruits of me, He blesses me and strengthens me for the rest of the day. In return, the day is so much more enjoyable.

I’m able to be fully aware and present for my little people, truly enjoying them.

And yes, there were days where I didn’t wake up before my kids and we were all up scurrying about like chickens without heads. On those days, I will unashamedly admit I have set up the tv and let them eat breakfast on the couch while I had devotional time on the kitchen table. This is how important I’ve come to find my time with Him is before I do anything else. Even raise my kids.

This is not a religious ritual, either. It’s a heart posture that says to God “You’re worth my firstfruits.” Jesus is the same whether we pray in the morning, afternoon or evening. His love for us is always the same. The problem is us believing it and needing to be reminded of it constantly. 

Here’s the truth, mommas. The most impactful thing you can pour into your children throughout the day is what the Lord pours into you. A whole momma is the best momma. Wholeness in Jesus is the understanding and application that we can do nothing (effectively) without Him. It’s His power made perfect in our weakness.

When we try to be the best moms we can be without first reaching out to Jesus to let Him fill our cups, we end up pouring into them with only droplets available. And that gets frustrating. I’ve been there.

What’s the point of getting everything right, but we’re tired and frustrated with them?

In the long run, your babies will appreciate that you were a happy and whole momma throughout their childhood. This is what they’ll remember the most and more importantly what will affect them the most.

Making this a habit was definitely not easy at first. When you plan to draw closer to God and grow in Him, there will be obstacles and opposition. But the amazing thing is, no matter what happens if you set your mind to doing this and putting Him first in your day, it will come to pass.

And the best, motivated, happy momma version of you, will begin to come out.

What helped me tremendously was keeping a prayer journal. (Check out my free prayer journal printables HERE)

For some reason, my brain would not settle until I wrote in it that day. Some days that alone was what would lead me into His throne room, which is perfectly okay. As long as you get there. There comes a time as you continue to build this discipline though, where you just long to be with Him and be filled by Him. It doesn’t become a discipline anymore, it becomes a vibrant two-way relationship. It becomes natural.

Here’s to spirit-filled, powerful, joyous mommas everywhere raising the future leaders of this world!



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